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Bien Hoa Airbase 1965. David Fitz-Enz in flight suit of 1st Air Commando Squadron and Army Paratrooper hat.
Bien Hoa, US Air Force Base, November 1965. David G. Fitz-Enz in the flight suit of the 1st Air Commando Squadron, while wearing the green hat of an Army Paratrooper. (Courtesy of Sp4. Bernie Zawaoki)
Two miles south of Vo Dat, III Corps area, 1330 hours, November 26, 1965. Paratroopers of the 173 Airborne Brigade coming in after a morning-long search-and-destroy mission. 1st Platoon, A Company, 2/503 Parachute Regiment, 173 Airborne Brigade.

Vung Tau, May 1966. Paratroopers wait to be loaded on choppers at an intermediate pick-up point close to their landing zone for an air assault. C Company, 1/503 Parachute Regiment, 173 Airborne Brigade.
Vo Dat 1965 hot LZ. 173rd Airborne Brigade.
Vo dat, November 1965. Squad leader on a hot landing zone gathers his troopers for an assault on the wood line. A Company 2/503 Parachute Regiment, 173 Airborne Brigade.
Vung Tau 1966. Paratroopers of the 173rd Airborne Brigade.
Vo Dat, 1965. 173rd Airborne Brigade Paratroopers return from search-and-destroy.
Company XO of combat unit of the 173rd Airborne Brigade just off a chopper and under fire.
The company executive officer (right) of a combat unit just off the chopper. The unit is under fire from the wood line. A Company, 2/503 Parachute Regiment, 173 Airborne Brigade.
War Zone D, January 1966. 173rd Airborne paratroopers and Viet Cong tunnel entrance.
War Zone D, January 1966. Paratroopers from 173 Airborne Brigade crawl toward their objective with a minimum of cover. A Viet Cong tunnel entrance is seen in front of Signal Corps combat photographer Sp4. Dan Peksenek. (Courtesy of Sp4. Bernie Zawoaki)

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