True Stories of Wars

Films "The Scene of the greatest naval battle of the war" - President Theodore Roosevelt

"The Battle of Plattsburgh crippled the British and was the most important engagement of the war" - Winston Churchill

On September 11, 1814 a battle was fought that would determine America's northern border. The United States Army was vastly outnumbered by veteran British troops. The Navy was undermanned and outgunned. Would all the King's horses and all the King's men avenge the losses of their fathers?

Told here for the first time, a true story of American heroism in a forgotten battle of a forgotten war. Newly discovered paintings, diaries, letters, and documents tell a compelling story. Featuring spectacular 3-D animation & graphics. Shot on-location in Britain, Canada, and the United States.

Directed by Bruce Carlin. Produced & Written by Bruce Carlin and Colonel David Fitz-Enz. Photographed & Edited by Patrick Heaphy. Animation & Graphics by Scott Schuler. Narrated by Bill Nelson. Original music by Sal Ditroia, James Hosay, and Ron Engle. Performances from The United States Army Band.

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